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In the community: Broncbuster football players giving shoes to local students

In the community: Broncbuster football players giving shoes to local students

Garden City, KS-For a lot of fans, the most interaction they have with their local team comes on game day. But since taking over the Broncbuster Football program in 2015, Garden City Coach Jeff Sims along with his staff and the administration, have made a concerted effort to have their players give back to the community.

On Thursday, running back Charles West, linebacker Rayshaun Wilborn, offensive lineman Lacolby Tucker and defensive back Deric Rucker were at Buffalo Jones Elementary School in Garden City, partnering up with Adidas to give away shoes to local students.

"I'm very fortunate to have an administration that backs things like this," Sims said. "It also gives these kids an opportunity to meet our guys. They are very good dudes."

One of the most precious moments of the day game from a girl who had recently lost her father.

"We gave a pair of shoes to this little girl, and she had the biggest smile," Sims said. "Then the teacher told me that's the first time she had smiled in months since her dad passed away. That's what it's all about."

The idea was something that materialized following the national championship.

"After we won the championship, I approached the guys at Adidas and asked them if we could something like they did at East Carolina where they gave away shoes," Sims explained. "I asked them if they could get me a good deal. They told me no problem, and that they'll send us some shoes."

Buffalo Jones assistant principal Rafaela Solis was more than appreciative.

"These kids were smiling, they shouting, wow," she said. "It's an honor to see such kindness and generosity."