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Buster Athletics Honors GCCC Meats Judging Team

Buster Athletics Honors GCCC Meats Judging Team

The 2016 Meats Team had an impressive performance at the Southwestern Meats Contest this past weekend, winning by a margin of 71 points. The contest was an extremely challenging one and we are very proud of the team for doing their best with the most challenging contest we have had in many years. The team was 1st in Beef Grading, Beef Judging (by 61 points), Total Beef, Pork Judging and Placings as well as 2nd in Lamb Judging and Questions.

 Individually, the team was paced by 2 individuals. Leah Parsons (Leavenworth) was High Individual Overall for the 2nd contest in a row (only done at GCCC by Paden Daniels in 2006); she was 1st in Total Beef, 2nd in Beef Grading, Beef Judging and Placings, and 3rd in Lamb Judging. Adrian Longoria (Satanta) was right behind Leah placing 2nd overall while being 1st in Beef Judging, 2nd in Total Beef, 3rd in Placings, 4th in Pork Judging and Questions. Makayla Linville (Cleburne, TX) was 6th overall placing 1st in Beef Grading and 3rd in Total Beef. Brock Sheppard (Leoti) was 10th overall placing 1st in Pork Judging and 2nd in Questions.
Alternates: Mallory Overpeck (Elkhart) was high alternate overall; Eddie DaVilla (Eustis, NE) was 3rd Alternate, Kyle Abernathy (Satanta) was 4th Alternate, Cecilia Banuelos (Garden City) was 5th Alternate, Rebecca Roe (Dunnellon, FL) was 6th Alternate, Austin Brown (Satanta) was 7th alternate; Kyle Hickok (Ulysses) was 11th Alternate; Diana Zamora (Garden City) was 12th Alternate; Brianna Baker (Dunnellon, FL) was 13th Alternate, Austin Wilson (Syracuse) was 15th Alternate; Paige McGaughey (Roggen, CO) was 19th Alternate; and Hanna Randolph (Lakin) was 22nd high alternate.
Not sure if I mentioned with the results from the National Western Contest, but Food Safety Net Services is offering a $1000 scholarship to the high individual at every AMSA Contest (but can only be won just one time). Leah Parsons won the scholarship for the National Western Contest and since she was high individual again, it will roll to the 2nd high individual which is Adrian Longoria. They will both receive $1000 scholarships during this spring semester.
We are so proud of the team and what they have done so far. We have about a 5 week break before we had to Houston to try to remain undefeated at major contests this spring. We also have won 3 AMSA sponsored contests in a row and are holding the high team cups from each of those contests in the Collins Building. The team brought back an impressive amount of plaques and rosettes.



Contest:  Southwestern                                                     Location:  Fort Worth, TX


Date:  January 31, 2016                                                    Schools:  6


Coach:  Dr. Clint Alexander & Amanda White                 Individuals:  47


GCCC Team Placing by Division/Score:                        Individual Contestant Results/Score


Overall Contest              1st                 3529                     Leah Parsons                              908

Beef Grading                   1ST                 874                                1st       High Individual Overall

Lamb Judging                  2nd                 554                                1st      Total Beef

Pork Judging                   1st                1051                                2nd     Beef Grading & Beef Judging

Beef Judging                   1st                 1050                               2nd           Placings

Placings                           1st                1880                                3rd           Lamb Judging

Questions                         2nd                 775                      Adrian Longoria                              903   

Total Beef                        1st                1924                                2nd     High Individual Overall                                                                                                      1st      Beef Judging

                                                                                                    2nd     Total Beef                                                                                                                           3rd      Placings

Overall Team Results                                                                4th            Placings & Pork Judging

1.    Garden City Community College  3529                                5th      Beef Grading

2.    Clarendon College                        3458                      Makayla Linville                              867   

3.    Zamarano University                              3342                                6th          High Individual Overall

4.    Fort Scott Comm. College            3291                                1st      Beef Grading

5.    Cisco College                                3215                                3rd      Total Beef

6.    Western Texas College                 3190                      Brock Sheppard                              851                                                                                                        10th    High Individual Overall

Alternates:                                                                                   1st      Pork Judging

Mallory Overpeck                                877                                  2nd          Questions

          1st      High Alternate Overall                                                                                    

Eddie Davilla                                       866                        Kyle Abernathy                              866

          3rd      High Alternate Overall                                             4th      High Alternate Overall

Cecilia Banuelos                                  862                        Rebecca Roe                              860

          5th      High Alternate Overall                                             6th      High Alternate Overall

Austin Brown                                       851                        Kyle Hickok                               828

          7th      High Alternate Overall                                             11th    High Alternate Overall

Diana Zamora                                     821                        Brianna Baker                              808

          12th    High Alternate Overall                                             13th    High Alternate Overall

Austin Wilson                                       791                        Paige McGaughey                     751

          15th    High Alternate Overall                                             19th    High Alternate Overall

Hanna Randolph                       724 – 22nd High Alternate Overall