Broncbuster E-Sports team back in action

Broncbuster E-Sports team back in action

By Mike Pilosof

Garden City, KS-Kris Henderson is making things look easy so far. Unfortunately, his impressive streak to start the season came to an end on Tuesday.

The Broncbuster E-Sports Madden lost, as Hind's Community College-led by Joshua Brandon-playing as the Atlanta Falcons, beat Henderson's Kansas City Chiefs 42-6.

Atlanta did most of their damage on the ground, running for 363 yards. Meantime Henderson was limited to just 12 rushing yards.

On Thursday night, the Super Smash Bros team finished 1-2. Results are listed below.

Darwyn Maxwell Loss vs Cody Best from Snow College

                Game 1: Little Mac 0 vs Wolf 1 Battlefield

                Game 2: Little Mac 0 vs Richter 2 Battlefield


Davon Beach-Mayes Loss vs Aidan Warren from Northern Essex CC

Game 1: Cloud 0 vs Yoshi 1 Battlefield

Game 2: Cloud 1 vs Yoshi 0 Battlefield

Game 3: Cloud 0 vs Yoshi 2 Battlefield


Max Giesaking Win vs Isacc Rather from Arizona Western College

                Game 1: Young Link 1 vs Joker 0 Smashville

                Game 2: Young Link 1 vs Joker 0 Battlefield


The Madden team is back in action Tuesday night at 5:45. Super Smash bros plays Thursday at the same time.